How Long Before the Wedding Should the Groom Get a Haircut? An Ultimate Groom’s Grooming Guide


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As your wedding date approaches, you may be wondering when to get your hair cut. Or maybe you’re wondering when to go ahead and book the other services you’ve been considering, like waxing, facials or some other appointment. If so, read on! You’ll find several suggestions for pre-wedding grooming in this ultimate guide.

Pre-Wedding Grooming Suggestions for Grooms

We think it’s a smart idea to get a haircut sometime before the wedding. It will help you feel more confident, make you look better in your photos and videos and ensure you (and your partner) have the best time on your big day.

Consider scheduling a consultation with a barber or stylist. They will help you decide on a hairstyle, let you know when to book your appointment and offer professional hair care products you can purchase to use on your big day.

If you’re going to get a haircut before your wedding, consider touching up your hair with some color or subtle highlights. This will help to give your hair dimension and make it look healthier. Turn to an expert colorist to help with your desired look. They’ll be able to tell if any problem areas need fixing (like too much gray). And, of course, professionals deliver much better results.

Grooming Timeline

When it comes to the groom’s grooming timeline, there are two main areas that you should focus on: the haircut and the shave.

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Getting your hair cut five to seven days before your wedding day is best. This gives your hair enough time to start growing out a little but not so much that it grows out too much or looks messy from being styled every day.

During your appointment, ask your barber or stylist about salon hair styling products to use. You’ll want to invest in high-quality products to ensure you look your best on the big day.

Schedule services like waxing, facials and manicures a few days before the wedding.

If you’re getting a close shave on your wedding day (i.e., one with a straight razor), book early enough to give your skin time to rest and ensure any knicks stop bleeding before the ceremony.

Haircut Considerations

When planning your wedding day hairstyle, consider a few things. First, how much time do you have before your wedding? If your hair is short and your wedding is just a month or two away, you won’t be able to grow it out long enough for a man bun or classic pompadour.

Second, what type of haircut do you want? A classic buzz or crew cut looks great on any guy (especially if you have thick hair). Or maybe something more daring, like an undercut or fade, would better suit your personality?

Third, think about how long it will take to achieve your desired style on your wedding day. If you’re going with a simple look, feel free to get your hair cut up a week before your wedding day. However, if you’re going for a more intricate style, make an appointment the morning of your wedding day to ensure your barber or stylist can make you look flawless for your big day.

Other Services Considerations

If you’re getting married and have facial hair, we recommend grooming your face a few days before the big day. While it’s not essential, a beard trim will make you feel more comfortable on your wedding day. If you don’t want to go bare, we recommend keeping things neat and tidy with just a trim around the edges.

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Waxing services, facials and manicures are also options for those who want to look extra handsome for their weddings. Book these services at least a week or two out from when you’ll be walking down the aisle so there is enough time for any irritation to heal.

Wedding Day Finishing Touches

Now that you have a hairstyle and facial hair combo, it’s time to polish off your look with the right men’s grooming products. On your wedding day (or the evening before), consider using a salon shampoo and salon conditioner that will add volume to your hair and help keep it looking healthy.

Make sure you have appropriate salon styling products to achieve your desired look. Stock up in advance, and practice the style several times before the big day.

Closing Thoughts

Grooming yourself for your wedding day doesn’t have to be difficult. If you follow these tips and recommendations, you will look your best on one of the most important days of your life!


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