4 Gorgeous Wavy Wedding Hairstyles


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Wavy hair is perfect for romantic styling in the sense that it isn’t too straight to forgo texture and volume (especially when using professional texture hair products). It also isn’t too curly to tame and take control of either. Wavy hair also works well with every length. It offers up so many hairstyle options — options that are perfect for weddings because wavy styles tend to bring an unrivaled level of romantic, effortless and timeless!

To create the perfect hairdo for this special day, the best thing that you can do is consider your everyday wavy style and amplify it! True beauty is about being confident in your own skin, after all, so whether you’re thinking about wearing your hair up as usual but elevating the look, wearing it down or trying something new and bold, it’s all about feeling good in your own skin!


If You’re Unsure of Your Style or Very Experimental with it…

If you’re unsure of (or very experimental or versatile with) your style and you don’t have an “everyday style” to base your hair on, consider choosing a hairstyle that complements:

  • Your dress style. Whether that be based on the neckline of your dress (a high neckline, for instance, may work best with an updo), the back of your dress (a low back or intricate detailing may call for a hairstyle to show it off), any embellishments (which you can choose to incorporate into your hair, or avoid competing with) or the overarching style of the dress.
  • Your overall wedding style. If you’re having a formal affair, a fancy and sophisticated hairstyle will likely be the goal. On the other hand, if you’re having a casual beach wedding, a more relaxed and tousled style may be better suited.
  • Your face shape, as different hairstyles flatter different face shapes, and finding the perfect fit can make your bridal look even more beautiful or powerful!

Ready to discover some gorgeous wavy wedding hairstyle ideas? Read on for some of our fave looks.

1.     Wavy Fishtail Braid

This hairstyle is perfect for the bride who wants to showcase her love for texture and details in a beautiful or boho way. We think that a wavy fishtail bride looks as gorgeous with an intricate dress as it does when it’s paired with a very simple and minimal slip-style dress.

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To achieve this look, create a fishtail braid and then gently pull apart the sections to showcase your waves. Allow the wavy tendrils of hair (especially the face-framing ones) to fall out of the braid organically. Some simple highlights can take this look a long way, but the fishtail braid will also be the perfect base if you plan to incorporate any small flowers or accents throughout the hair!

2.     Big Side-Swept Waves

Big, bouncy, vintage-inspired waves are a timeless hairstyle that can add a touch of glamour to any look. This style involves creating defined, sculpted waves using a curling iron and then brushing them out to create a softer, more natural look. From here, using a salon hairspray that leaves hair soft to the touch may be essential for certain hair types. No matter what your normal waves look like, this will be a simple way to take your normal hairstyle and elevate it into something special!

3.     Wavy Faux Hawk

This hairstyle combines edgy and feminine elements and creates a look that’s as bold as it is beautiful.

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While there are many different approaches to faux hawk hairstyles, our take on a wavy wedding faux hawk would involve French braiding the side sections of hair on each side of the head (from the temples all the way to the back of the head in an arch over the ear) with one or two braids per side. From here, we’d define and amplify the large thick chunk of loose waves on the top of the head (with longer hair, creating a big voluptuous side bang) and add flowers or charms into the braids or glitter (secured with a good spray) in between them!

4.     Wavy Pony

A wavy ponytail is a simple, chic, classic and stylish way to show off your waves! Simply pull the hair back into a high or low ponytail, and remember to leave a strand loose that can be used to wrap around the hair tie after it’s been secured to add an extra chic element to the look. From here, letting some strands fall loose from the front of the ponytail to frame the face is suggested for a more casual or whimsical look, and slicking it all back smoothly is suggested for something more formal.


Your Big Day Will Mean Making a Big Commitment — to Your Stylist

While you lock down the perfect wedding look, it’s important to keep taking care of your hair to get it healthy and shiny for the special day. This will mean regular trims, using salon hair care products and avoiding excessive heat styling! When it comes to actually creating your wedding day hairstyle (on healthy and shiny hair), equally important is finding a skilled hairstylist who can bring the vision to life! Be sure to take your time finding the right stylist, and allow them the opportunity to practice your hairstyle before the big day!



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