4 Natural Hairstyles to Consider for Your Wedding


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4 Natural Hairstyles to Consider for Your Wedding

Though it’s a style that has been around for virtually forever, embracing natural or textured hair is getting a lot of attention right now, and for good reason. The list of benefits to going all-natural with your hair goes on and on, including natural hair perks like healthier strands over time and a less-involved maintenance routine. While going natural is great for every day, it’s also something you can totally consider as a part of your wedding day look. With the right amount of care and some top-notch professional hair care products, you can help your clients rock the natural hair look of their dreams on their big day. Here are a few styles to consider if your client is thinking about a natural wedding hairstyle.

  1. Voluminous Updo: Since a classic updo is one of the most iconic wedding hairstyles, why not try it out with natural hair? Natural, textured hair works well with pinned back styles because this type of hair tends to have lots of body and grip. If you’re considering a natural updo for your wedding, make sure to bring (or have your hairstylist bring) a few high-quality texture hair products on the wedding day. Utilizing these texture products will help the hair stay in place all day with minimal product usage.
  1. Free Flowing Curls: There’s no better way to rock your natural hair on your wedding day than by showcasing those beautiful, bouncy curls. For an effortlessly natural look, consider letting your curls fly free and wear your hair down on the big day. Not only does this perfectly match more casual or bohemian wedding themes, but it also will save you a ton of time on the day of the wedding, meaning you can spend more time enjoying the day with your bridesmaids.
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  1. Natural Inspiration: If natural hair is the move, then wearing hair accessories inspired by nature itself is certainly a good decision. No matter what natural hairstyle you choose to wear on your wedding day, a natural hair accessory is sure to fit in perfectly. Consider pieces of actual nature like daisies, wildflowers or even a bridal flower crown. Other hair accessories that give a nod to Mother Nature include earth-toned barrettes, flower-shaped pins and more. Be sure to secure these accessories with pins and finish it off with a bit of professional hairspray.
  1. Voluminous Vibes: Take your natural wedding day hair to the next level and turn up the volume on your gorgeous locks! Wedding day hair is meant to be as done up as you desire, so don’t be afraid to add lots and lots of volume. Natural hair tends to be well equipped in the gripping department, so all you need is a little help from a comb and a few volume-inducing hair styling products to make your full-bodied dreams come true.
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Most importantly, your natural hairstyle should feel confident and beautiful on your big day. Showcasing your hair in its natural form is a way to celebrate your body and your unique features. Whether you have a team of hair and makeup professionals at your side or you create your own look on your wedding day, SALONORY brands are there to help you look and feel your best. Browse our nourishing pre-wedding hair care products and styling options for the big day on our website.



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