7 Engagement Photo Hairstyles to Consider


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Engagement photos can capture the pure love and excitement enveloping you and your partner and savor this special time in your life. They’re an incredible way to preserve that moment forever, and a great opportunity to share it with the people around you.

So whether the aesthetic aim is effortless or elevated, the location you choose to shoot, the clothing you wear and the hairstyle you embrace should all be authentic to you! This will help you to feel (and, in turn, look) comfortable and confident and, ultimately, convey the pure love and excitement that you felt when you share the story and photos years down the line. Luckily, when it comes to liveable and lovable hairstyles, we’ve got lots!

1.     Straight Strands

Perfectly straight hair is chic and sophisticated, and that will absolutely translate to your engagement photos! While it may take a bit of work depending on your hair type, sleek and straight hair will look effortless and authentic, and will be perfect for showing off your hair’s natural shine and length. To take this look over the top, be sure to embrace quality hair care products and salon hair styling products throughout every step of the process to avoid breakage and frizz and achieve soft, smooth, pin-straight strands!

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2.     Loose Waves

Loose waves are a timeless and romantic hairstyle with an effortless appeal that fits engagement photos perfectly. Not only that, but loose waves look good on any hair length, can be achieved with almost any hair texture and will suit almost any location or photoshoot theme!

3.     High Ponytail

Whether face-framing tendrils fall or every piece is pulled back perfectly, high ponytails are a classic and elegant hairstyle that looks liveable and lovable, and perfect for engagement photos! We love the romance that comes with a thick, wavy high pony — but if you’re rocking any other hair type, don’t hesitate for a second! This is a hairstyle that looks great on ALL hair types!

4.     Low Ponytail

Like its sister style (the high ponytail), the low ponytail is a hairstyle that’s highly customizable in terms of how casual or formal it is, how it’s accessorized and how it’s accented with an outfit or location. No matter how you cater it to your engagement photoshoot experience, though, this is a hairstyle that’s classic, chic and sophisticated at its core.

When it comes to low ponytails (whether short or long, straight or curly), you’ll want to be precise in your placement of hairs and be proactive against flyaways. Because this is a simple style, every part should be perfect and elevated for the photoshoot!

5.     Top Knot

Top knots are a timeless trend that have been getting more love than ever lately — and for good reason! Top knots are chic, powerful and perfect for photos. This style looks great on literally all hair types, it’s easy to achieve and it’s easy to elevate! What more could you ask for?

6.     Boho Braids

If a boho vibe is the goal for your engagement photos, you’ll want to consider incorporating some intricate braids (or even twists) into the hairstyle!

This could be in the form of a half up, half down hairstyle with braids (for instance, a classic set of small twin braids that gets pulled from the temples and attached at the back of the head), a fully down and flowing style (like beautiful beach waves made by texture hair products) with braids sprinkled throughout, a crown braid with accessories woven into it or otherwise! There are a TON of boho bridal looks that will work equally well for the engagement photoshoot, so be sure to bring your personality to the pictures!

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7.     Messy Bun

As feminine as it is effortless, the messy bun hairstyle is an awesome option for engagement photos! This is a hairstyle that’s perfect for showing off your neck and shoulders, and it’s also a great way to keep your hair out of your face while still looking stylish.

To amplify the look, consider letting some face-framing strands fall loose and giving them a slight curl. Not only will this make for an extra lived-in and authentic look, but will look extra romantic and be extra flattering on most face shapes as well!

Making Any Hairstyle Picture-Perfect

From an authentic and effortless aesthetic to an elevated version of it, staying true to you will bring your love to life in photos! No matter what sort of style you choose to embrace for this special photo session, though, we suggest either hiring a professional stylist or getting in some serious practice before the shoot to ensure it’s as perfect (and stress-free) as possible!


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