8 Men’s Wedding Hairstyles to Consider


Wedding season is in full swing, and with the abundance of men’s wedding hairstyles available, there’s no shortage of options for grooms. Whether you want to go short or long, slicked back or messy, there’s a look for every man who wants to feel his best on his big day. Here are some wedding hairstyles to consider wearing when walking down the aisle. Remember to ask your barber or stylist for salon hair styling products before your big day!

  1. The Classic Side Part

If you’re looking for a classic hairstyle that men of all ages and hair textures can wear, the side part is the way to go. The side part is a timeless style worn by everyone — from Hollywood stars in black-and-white movies to your grandfather’s wedding photos.

  1. Natural Texture

If you have curly or wavy hair, rock your natural texture! This is also a great option if you have thick hair and want a style that will work well with your natural hair. Try using STMNT hair products on your big day to finish off your style.

  1. The Man Bun

The man bun has been around for a while, and it’s still going strong. It works with medium or long hair and is a great option even for thin hair.

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Getting the right hair length on top is the key to pulling off this look. If it’s too long or short, your bun will look messy instead of polished. There are several different bun styles, so look around and get some inspiration before your big day.

  1. Clean Edges

Clean edges are a modern take on the classic men’s hairstyle, and they’re a great option for guys who want to make a statement with their hair on their wedding day. Ask your barber for crisp, clean edges and a subtle fade near the temples. This style looks great on round faces because it adds definition without adding bulk or weight to your face shape.

Your hairstylist can also achieve clean edges with an undercut. Instead of fading into nothingness, this cut features shaved sides that meet at an edge under your chin line.

  1. Graduated Front

A graduated front style is a great option for men with thick or curly hair. It’s also ideal if you want to add some volume to your style, as it can lift your locks at the roots while keeping them smooth on top. The look works best when paired with a side part and beard (if that’s your thing).

The key here is keeping things gradual. Your barber or hairstylist will want to start by cutting off about an inch of length at one end of your hairline and then gradually work their way down until they reach the desired length around your ears. Brush into a polished style for a formal wedding or wear loose for a casual event.

  1. The Pompadour

The pompadour  is a classic men’s hairstyle that has been around for decades. To get this look, start by having your barber cut your hair short on both sides while leaving some length on top to create volume later in the styling process. Make sure there’s no hard part — you want your hair swept back in one direction!

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On your big day, you’ll need a few styling products. Rub some pomade between your hands before running them through each section from roots to ends until everything feels smooth. Blow dry your hair while combing or brushing it over backward. Voila! You’re ready for whatever wedding activities await!

  1. Formal Fade

The fade haircut  is a popular style for men. It’s a gradual reduction in length, often starting with longer hair at the top of your head and ending with shorter locks at the nape of your neck. Your barber can do your fade with clippers or scissors.

A formal fade haircut is perfect if you plan to wear your hair down during the ceremony but want something more modern than traditional styles like pompadours and quiffs.

  1. The Undercut

This style is a great option for men with thick hair who want to wear their locks long. It also makes sense if you like styling your hair and want to experiment with different styles. There are many different ways to wear an undercut, so it doesn’t have to be boring or predictable on your wedding day or beyond.

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Find a Style That Suits You

With so many options, deciding which men’s wedding hairstyle is right for you can be hard. Ask your barber or stylist for recommendations that reflect your personality, hair type and face shape and go with your wedding theme. Whatever look suits your tastes best will surely turn heads for all the right reasons on your big day.


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