3 Romantic Wedding Hair Ideas


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A wedding is the pinnacle of romantic events because it celebrates one couple and their unique love for each other. In addition to the wedding ceremony, romance is traditionally integrated within many other parts of the wedding, including the music choice, toasts, decorations and both the bride and groom’s outfits. Traditional bridal looks give a nod to romance through gown styles, wedding day accessories and even romantic bridal makeup looks. Having said that, it’s no secret why romantic hairstyles are popular among brides as well. Here are a few wedding hair ideas for a beautiful, romantic look.

  1. A Wonderful Windswept Look: For creative purposes, the idea of romance invokes a sense of fantasy and wonder to create an atmosphere or mindset that is simply extraordinary. When it comes to hair, this sense of romantic inspiration tends to find its form in whimsical styles of tasteful grandeur. Think about big fairytale curls brushed into soft, breezy waves or long locks that are tucked into a crownlike updo. These ideas embody the windswept look perfectly and leave room for the integration of newfound inspiration along the way.

Airy, natural-looking waves or a windswept, twisted updo are perfect for a natural, minimalist or boho bride. Be sure to stay true to the nature-inspired look and avoid over-styling. Instead, prep the hair with nourishing serum, texture spray and other professional hair styling products to prevent frizz and flyaways.

  1. Classic Curls: It could be said that curls themselves are romantic because of their unique and lighthearted nature. A wedding look styled with naturally curly hair is an easy romantic look that embraces natural beauty and true form. On the other hand, those with straight or slightly wavy hair present a different and beautifully elevated look when wearing curly hair.
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A curly and romantic wedding hair look is versatile in curl size, amount of curl definition and additional styling options. For a bold and super romantic look, use a wide barrel curling iron to create curls that move away from the face. Instead of brushing them out completely for a natural look, try combing through the curls with your fingers or a wide-tooth comb before securing the look with a layer of salon hairspray. The results are a more glamorous take on traditional romantic hair looks.

  1. A Swooping Part: When it comes to romantic hairstyles, it’s possible to add more drama simply by changing the way the hair is parted. A defined part adds structure and a great finishing touch to the hair, especially in wedding photos. To achieve a romantic hair part, start from the hairline and use a pick or the handle of a comb to draw out exactly where the ideal part should be.

To get extra “swoop” action in a loose curl look, updo or half-up hairstyle, pull two small sections of hair gently forward from the front (closest to the forehead and the tip of the part) to create a slight draping effect. This swooping shape, combined with a defined part, is perfect for brides with large foreheads or those who want to wear a headband or flower crown. Most importantly, make sure to secure your look with hairspray and (if needed) a few pins. These will both help the swoop from moving or becoming longer and will tame tiny flyaways near the part.

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Adding in an extra romantic factor into your wedding will elevate it that much more. Choosing a romantic hairstyle for your wedding can vary in style, but will always be timeless and beautiful.


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