The Best Wedding Hairstyles for Thin Hair


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There’s so much more to a wedding hairstyle than choosing between wearing it up or down. The process involves additional factors and elements like the style and neckline of the bridal gown or outfit, earring choice, an accompanying makeup look and, most importantly, the bride’s hair type. If the bride’s hair is very thick, it’s a good idea to consider luxurious updo hairstyles, half-up style, or pinned-back look to keep everything in place for the big day. On the other hand, brides with thin hair have plenty of wedding hair options, too! With the help of a professional hairstylist, there’s no reason to let fine hair hold you back from enjoying a totally glam bridal hairstyle on your big day. Find your perfect hairstyle with some of the best wedding hairstyles for thin hair below.

1. Long, Flowing Waves: Soft waves are a fantastic way to get lots of natural-looking body and dimension, especially for those with thin, long hair. If a client has thin hair and wants to wear their hair down for their wedding, a wavy-inspired look is a great choice because it flatters the face, generally works well with thin hair and enhances a range of wedding gown styles. Long flowing waves work great for those with naturally curly hair, too. 

Get the Look: To make sure the bride’s waves last from pre-ceremony photos all the way to the reception and beyond, utilizing salon-quality texture hair products is a must. Since thin hair tends to have a hard time holding onto heat-administered styles for a long time, start by spraying some texture spray all over the hair before using a curling iron. This will create resistance and grip within the hair to help hold the waves and volume for longer.

2. Playful Half-Up Hair: Don’t underestimate the power (and chic factor) of a beautiful half-up, half-down wedding hairstyle. This hybrid hairstyle is one of the best for brides with less hair, thin hair or a hair type that seems to fall flat after most styling attempts. Half-up styles tend to work well on short hair, too — as long as it isn’t a super-short pixie cut. In any case, the half-up look can take bridal hair from one-dimensional to dynamic, romantic and beyond.

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Get the Look: To create an interesting and touchably soft half-up hairstyle fit for any bride, it’s important to use styling products wisely. After creating the look and securing the style via a hairband, pins or even a bridal-inspired hair accessory, use a reliable salon hairspray that will set the look without making the hair look dull, dry or overstyled.

3. Stylish Twist or Knot: Despite what some might think, brides with thin hair can absolutely get the wedding updo of their dreams! It’s all about choosing a hairstyle that makes the most of the hair and showcases it in the best way. A sleek and simple knotted look (much like an old Hollywood-inspired chignon) is one of the best options for thin hair because it can be teased and fluffed underneath to create volume while still appearing shiny and natural.

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Get the Look: Whether the goal is a lifted French twist or a romantic knotted bun that sits at the nape of the neck, be sure to ensure the look stays put by using texture products, discreet hair pins and hairspray along the way. Give the updo a sleek finish by gently combing through visible strands to reveal extra softness. Don’t forget a salon-approved shine mist to keep the hair photo-ready all day long!

4. Messy Bun: The messy bun is a boho bride’s dream come true. It takes the elegance of an updo and injects a touch of relaxed, effortless beauty. Perfect for long and medium hair, this style allows wispy strands to frame the face for a romantic touch, while the loose bun itself adds a whimsical, carefree vibe. It’s a hairstyle that feels both polished and perfectly undone, ideal for a bride who wants to embrace a natural, carefree aesthetic on her wedding day. This bun hairstyle is a fun option for beachy weddings, too. 

Get the Look: To achieve the perfect messy bun for your wedding day, start with textured hair. Gather hair loosely in a high ponytail at the crown and then tease for volume and loosely twist sections around the base, securing with bobby pins. Embrace the mess by tugging on strands and accessorize with flowers or pins. Leave a few loose curls around your face. Finish with a light hold hairspray to keep everything in place for your carefree, romantic wedding style.

5. Braided Updo: A braided updo offers brides a sophisticated and customizable bridal look. Fishtail braids can be woven into various updos, like buns or chignons, for a look that’s both intricate and elegant. This style works for all hair lengths and allows for personalization with hair accessories, making it a versatile choice for the modern bride and her bridesmaids.

Get the Look: For a stunning braided updo, discuss your desired style with your hairstylist beforehand. Depending on your preference, they can incorporate fishtail or other types of braids into a romantic low bun or a more classic chignon. Start by prepping your hair with texturizing spray for better hold. The stylist will then braid sections of hair, incorporating them into the chosen updo as they work. Looser braids offer a relaxed feel, while tighter braids create a polished look. Finally, personalize your updo with hair accessories like pearls, flowers or a headband to match your wedding theme.

Closing Thoughts

Whether the bride prefers to wear her hair up or down (or even decides to go with a half down hairstyle), thin locks can be transformed into almost any wedding style. The key is to mimic thicker strands by adding texture, grip and hold-inducing hair products that will allow for optimum styling and keep the bride’s hair looking fabulous on her big day.


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