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The Ultimate Hair Salon Equipment List


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Have you recently opened a beauty salon or barber shop, or are you planning to replace and renovate your long-standing salon equipment? Either way, this post was made especially for you. From capes, clippers and combs to salon furniture like barber chairs, we will look at the latest salon equipment that’s a must-have for every salon.

Each salon is unique in its own way. So while this list may have the equipment most salons need to be successful, there may be substitutions or additions that appeal to different aspects of your business. Without further ado, here are several things every salon owner should at least consider investing in for their business. 

Considerations to Keep Top of Mind When Shopping for Salon Equipment

There are many things to consider before purchasing hair salon supplies and salon equipment, but we are here to make things a little simpler for you. Keep these considerations in mind as you begin your salon purchasing journey to ensure that you get the equipment that aligns perfectly with your business and needs. 

  • Your budget 
  • Quality 
  • Immediate needs for your salon versus wants that aren’t necessary 
  • Your salon’s floor plan and layout 
  • Feedback on what your hairstylists need

Must-Have Hair Salon Equipment List 

Now that you have the important things you need to focus on while shopping in front of your mind, let’s dive into the equipment every hair salon needs. 

  • Salon Stations: The staple that should be the highest on your priority list should be salon stations. There are a variety of styling stations that are able to fit into virtually any salon, which is why it’s critical to know your space constraints and allowances. For salons that have limited space, double-sided and portable salon stations allow you to make the most of your floor plan. Wall-mounted salon stations also provide space savings while enhancing the look and aesthetic of your salon.
    When purchasing salon equipment, you should prioritize quality since these pieces should last you for years. In addition to choosing high-quality products, consider your (or your stylists’) storage needs. Each salon station should have ample space for storing styling tools, like straighteners and curling irons, as well as hair care products.
  • Hair Cutting Tools: Hairdressing requires a selection of tools for cutting hair. Make sure you have plenty of high-quality clippers, trimmers, razors and shears to make hair styling a breeze. And don’t forget about spray bottles!  
  • Professional Hair Care Products: Make sure your salon is stocked with a full selection of high-quality professional hair care products to meet your clients’ hair styling needs. You need shampoos and conditioners formulated for different types of hair, deep conditioners, hair masks, styling gels and creams, mousse, hairspray and more.
  • Salon Chairs: Of course, you will also need salon chairs that pair perfectly with your stations. Salon styling chairs come in a variety of colors and styles, which allows you to match your salon’s aesthetic and decor.
    Comfort and quality are two aspects you want to ensure you find in the salon chairs you purchase. Choose chairs with high weight limits and padded seats to guarantee comfort for all of your clients. And when you’re looking for salon chairs to use at shampoo bowls, check out reclining options. 
  • Storage Cabinets and Shelves: Every salon needs extensive storage for products like hair color, disinfectant, aprons, towels, tools and more. Storage for salon tools should be accessible and clean, which means you should prioritize looking for storage solutions that can sit atop salon stations or can be hung up on walls or in a storage cabinet. Wall shelves are the perfect solution for saving space while also efficiently storing towels, products and other hair tools. You also need safe, appropriate cabinets for storing cleaning supplies.

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  • Shampoo Systems: There are many options when it comes to purchasing shampoo systems for your salon’s wash area. You can outfit your salon with a few shampoo chairs and systems that match your space’s aesthetic. Or, if you’re working with a smaller space, mobile shampoo stations provide more flexibility.
  • Hair Processing Equipment: Process your clients quickly with hair processing equipment and hood dryers. Hair processing equipment is essential for lifting color or making a deep conditioning mask more effective. Plus, using a hood dryer is much more efficient than trying to blow dry a client’s hair manually. If your salon space is compact, prioritize a portable processor that can adapt to your salon’s floor plan. 
  • Reception Desk: When your clients walk through your salon’s doors, who are they greeted by? Hopefully, a kind receptionist and a welcoming waiting and reception area. Outfit your salon with a reception desk that reflects your salon’s aesthetic. 
  • POS System: Invest in a user-friendly POS (Point-of-Sale) system to streamline your salon operations. A POS system allows you to manage appointments, client information and billing efficiently. Choose a system that integrates seamlessly with your existing software and offers features like online booking and appointment reminders to improve client satisfaction.  
  • Retail Shelves and Displays: Most salons sell retail products to their clients and have these products positioned all around the salon. While salon stations and wall shelves may hold some of your products for sale, it’s important to have a dedicated retail space where clients can interact and check out products. We highly suggest investing in retail shelves that position your products in a positive and engaging light. Be sure to keep plenty of your most-used products on hand so you can recommend them to clients to help them do their hair at home between appointments.
    Consider offering salon-grade tools for sale, too. High-quality combs and brushes really do make a difference, and professional blow dryers and flat irons make it easier for clients to recreate salon looks at home. Display these items with care, and be sure to tell your clients about their benefits. 
  • Trolleys and Carts: Every stylist needs a trolley or a cart to help them store and mix products. Trolleys and carts can also provide more flexibility when it comes to moving stylists or stations around as stylists can move on the fly with their products and tools in tow. Think of a salon cart as an assistant that holds your tools and products and keeps them close at hand on even the busiest days. Trust us — it’s well worth the investment! 

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Elevate Your Salon with the Best Equipment

Whether you’re looking to purchase new salon equipment for an existing salon or you’re making sure you have all of the tools you need to open and run your salon business successfully, we hope this list helped you! We can confidently say that having these pieces of salon equipment will allow you to perform some of the services your clients love the most. 


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