Going from Blonde to Brunette: 7 Things to Tell Your Clients


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Transitioning from blonde hair to brunette is a decision that requires careful consideration. As a professional hairstylist and colorist, guiding your clients through this journey is crucial in ensuring they achieve the stunning brunette look they desire. In addition to changing their entire look, this transformation may impact their hair care routine, so making sure your client is prepared is important. Let’s explore seven essential things to tell your clients when they’re contemplating the shift from blonde to brunette.

1. Realistic Expectations Are Important

Begin by understanding your client’s expectations for their new brunette look. Do a thorough consultation to determine the shade of brunette that best complements their skin tone, and discuss the spectrum of hues to help them make an informed choice regarding professional hair color.

Remember — this consultation is not just about choosing a color but also about setting realistic expectations. Everyone’s hair reacts differently to color, and communicating this to your clients is vital. Explain that while you’ll strive to achieve their desired look, there might be variations in the final result based on their hair’s characteristics.

2. Brunette Hair Has Different Maintenance Needs

Make sure your clients are aware of the maintenance differences between blonde and brunette hair. Emphasize the importance of using professional hair care products specifically designed for colored hair to preserve the richness of their new shade. Educate them about the need for regular touch-ups to keep their locks looking their best.

Take the time to recommend products that suit your client’s hair type and the specific shade of brunette they’ve chosen. Whether it’s sulfate-free shampoos for color protection, deep conditioning masks for hydration or heat protectants for styling, the right products make a huge difference when it comes to the longevity of their new color.

3. There Are Lots of Ways to Style Brunette Hair

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Offer hairstyling tips to help your client enhance their new brunette look. Certain styles highlight the richness of the color and complement your client’s overall appearance. Remember to consider their hair texture when making styling recommendations.

For clients with fine hair, suggest voluminous styles that add body and dimension to their locks. For those with thicker hair, explore layered cuts that showcase the depth of their new color. 

4. Hair Color Can Cause Mild Side Effects

Discuss potential side effects clients may experience after a dramatic hair transformation, such as dryness or texture changes. Offer solutions to minimize discomfort or unexpected effects. Reinforce the benefits of using professional hair care products to mitigate any issues.

By using the right post-color products, your clients can minimize the risk of side effects and enjoy a smooth transition from blonde to brunette. Reminding them that any side effects are temporary and manageable is also important.

5. Touch-Ups Are Part of Maintaining a Beautiful Brunette

Outline a customized color maintenance schedule based on your client’s hair type and the specific brunette shade they’ve chosen. Include recommendations for follow-up appointments and treatments, emphasizing the importance of consistency in maintaining their look.

6. Going Blonde Again Will Take Time

Going from blonde to brunette is a huge commitment. There’s no “undo” button in hair color, so if they don’t love their darker tresses, it will take some time and effort to go back to blonde. It’s not impossible, but color correcting from brunette to blonde is a lengthy process that can cause considerable damage to the hair if not done correctly. Make sure your client is positive that they want to go brunette before taking the plunge. 

7. Trust the Process

While it may seem simple, transitioning from blonde to brunette is a journey that often requires patience. Remind your clients that achieving their desired shade takes time, and multiple sessions may be necessary if they want to darken their hair by more than two or three levels. Share success stories to inspire confidence and encourage your client to trust the process. 

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Embrace the Beauty of the Dark Side

Helping your clients transition from blonde to brunette is both an art and a science. You can ensure a successful transformation by discussing their expectations, offering guidance on maintenance and using professional hair color products. Remember to provide post-color care advice, and prepare them to troubleshoot common issues that may pop up after their appointment.

Transitioning from blonde to brunette is a unique and exciting journey, and as a professional hairstylist or colorist, you have the privilege of being your client’s trusted guide throughout the process. Make it a memorable and rewarding experience for both you and your client by telling them all of the things above and taking the time to address any questions or concerns they may have. Your dedication to excellence and commitment to client satisfaction will leave a lasting impression, and they’ll leave your salon with stunning brunette locks and newfound confidence.


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