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Are your clients craving “beige blonde”? While this may seem like a new and innovative shade, it really is just a combination of highlights and lowlights, paired with strategic toning, all the while using classic lightening techniques.

To understand this blonde hue, we will discover what makes this shade of blonde highly desirable and share lightening and toning techniques to achieve this desired color and style. 

What Is Beige Blonde? 

If you’re wondering what beige blonde means exactly, you’re not alone. There are many different shades of blonde — whether natural or achieved through professional hair lightener. Blonde can adapt and shift in color through being exposed to the sun, purple and blue shampoos and toner. When you lighten a client, you will almost always use toner to achieve the shade of blonde your client desires. If the desired shade is a beige blonde, you and your client are going to be aiming for a cool-toned, ashier blonde. While this cool blonde shade isn’t as ashy as silver blonde, it will stray away from golden blonde tones. If you’re still wondering what this shade may look like, think about a cup of coffee with a lot of cream. 

The beauty of beige blonde lies in its versatility. While a cool toned light beige with ash blonde highlights is a popular choice, there are other options to flatter various skin tones. Light beige blonde with very subtle gold highlights looks great with fair skin, while a champagne blonde with cooler ash tones complements cooler skin tones. And bronde is a beautiful mix of light brown hair and blonde that offers a warm beige look that is ideal for clients with warm skin tones. 

How to Achieve Beige Blonde Hair Color 

If you and your clients are obsessed with beige blonde, here are some ways to achieve this desired shade. 

Set Expectations with Clients 

A thorough consultation is an essential first step in any hair color journey. In addition to assessing your client’s current hair color and skin tone, the consultation provides an opportunity to fully explore their goals and determine whether they are realistic.

If your client really desires beige blonde hair, but they come to you with dark blonde, brown or color-treated hair, you may want to prepare them for what to expect. Since the beige blonde hue is so light and neutral, achieving a beige blonde hue may not be practical for every client on the first visit. If you don’t think you can lift your client’s hair to be that light in a single session, you will need to let them know about how long the process might take and the cost. 

You can create a “treatment plan” to get them toward their desired shade by a specific time. Even if a client’s hair is prime for achieving beige blonde, you should brief them on how the texture of their hair may change after being lightened and toned and how they should expect to take care of their hair afterward. Ensure they know how frequently they’ll need to come in for touch-ups and what professional hair care products they want to keep their color looking fresh for as long as possible. As a hairstylist, it’s up to you to ensure your client has all the information they need before committing to a new look. 

A Note About Achieving Beige Blonde on Gray Hair

Gray hair offers a stunning canvas for achieving a beige blonde look. However, there are a few important considerations to keep in mind. First, you’ll need to assess the client’s natural hair color to determine how many levels you’ll need to lift when lightening. Since gray hair tends to be coarse, you may need to do a deep conditioning treatment before lightening to improve hair health and manageability. Afterward, you’ll likely need a cool ash toner to neutralize unwanted yellow tones. When done properly, the final result will be a sophisticated beige blonde with a touch of silver that adds a youthful touch and looks incredible with various hairstyles. 

Choose a Lightener

In order to create that beige blonde tone, you will need to lighten your client’s hair — even if they come to you with naturally honey blonde or ash blonde hair. The hair needs to be lightened to achieve this particular look. Beige blonde can look different on everyone, which is why having a consultation is so important to put you and your client on the same page of what kind of beige blonde look they want.

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Select a Beige Blonde Color 

After the hair has been pre-lightened, using professional hair color to achieve the perfect shade of beige will be your next step. Consider the client’s desired outcome carefully when choosing shades of light ash blonde, dark blonde, dark beige, etc. The key is using multiple shades to create a gorgeous, dimensional look. 

Weave in Lowlights, If Necessary

If your client wants a shadow root, ombre look or more dimension, you can add in lowlights in addition to blonde highlights to give them a deeper and darker beige look. Utilizing a demi-permanent hair color, you may want to add cool brown tones to the hair to give it a taupe look and add dimension. Semi-permanent color is another option.

Tone Newly Processed Hair 

After you have lightened a client’s hair, you will want to tone it using pale beige blonde or ash toner. If, after toning, you haven’t reached the desired shade of blonde, you can always tone it again or use purple or blue shampoo on top of the toner. 

Send Clients Home with Purple or Blue Shampoo 

Depending on how the client’s blonde turned out, you may want to recommend a blue or purple shampoo. We recommend purple shampoo to tone down brassy hues and blue shampoo for copper tones. Clients can use blue and purple shampoo in between visits to maintain their color. These products are perfect for helping your client maintain their new look until their next appointment. 

Try a Color-Depositing Deep Conditioner 

There are many color-depositing deep conditioners available that can help your clients achieve and maintain this beige blonde shade. Recommend a brand you trust to your client, or use your favorite at the salon. 

Balance Lowlights with Highlights 

Another way to achieve a balanced beige blonde look is to mix in lowlights and highlights to create dimension. If you do a blonde balayage with the lowlights and highlights, you can create a stunning color. Adding babylights, which are finer and more delicate, is another way to balance the color and create even more depth and dimension. 

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Now, you’re officially prepared to create the beige blonde look your clients will love! Happy lightening!


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