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Drawing inspiration from the warm and cool tones of the beloved beverage, the milk tea hair color is a perfect fusion of sophistication and charm. It suits various skin tones and is currently one of the most in-demand looks.

As a skilled and dedicated hairstylist, you have the power to bring this awesome trend to life for your clients. Start with professional hair color, and you’re on your way to creating an incredible look. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the intricate process of achieving the milk tea hair color look everyone wants!

The Significance of a Consultation

As an artist, you know that every masterpiece begins with a vision, and the same applies to hair coloring. Schedule an in-depth consultation with your client before scheduling an appointment to create a look inspired by milk tea. Listen attentively to their hair history, lifestyle and their desires. Ask them to show you examples of the exact color they’re seeking.

Analyze the current state of their hair, as it plays a vital role in determining the approach you’ll take to achieve their desired hue. Explain the process, and make sure your client is aware of any potential challenges or risks. A well-informed client will appreciate your thoroughness and work with you to achieve — and maintain — their desired color.

Pre-Lightening Milk Tea Hair

Pre-lightening is a must for clients with naturally dark hair and those who have colored their hair previously. This is true even if you’re doing shadow root hair as the base for the look. Once lightened, their hair becomes the canvas on which you create their milk tea masterpiece. The secret to success lies in selecting a lightening product that preserves the hair’s health while achieving the desired level of lift. Follow the product’s guidelines diligently. Precision is crucial when it comes to creating a flawless base for this look.

The Milk Tea Color Palette

Your eye for color selection is at the core of achieving your client’s desired milk tea hair color. This is where your creativity takes center stage. The secret to this exquisite hue is the harmonious blend of warm and cool tones, mirroring milk tea’s rich and creamy essence. Imagine the delightful swirls of caramel, and picture creamy latte shades seamlessly mingling with delicate hints of cool ash brown to create a customized masterpiece.

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The Application Process

With the color palette ready, it’s time to make some magic! As a stylist, you understand the importance of hair sectioning to ensure an even distribution of the milk tea hues. Embrace your preferred coloring technique (or your client’s, if they have a preference). Whether it’s balayage, ombre or foiling, strategically layer warm and cool tones to create captivating depth and dimension. Blend these delicious hues carefully, allowing a natural transition that exudes the charm of milk tea swirls.


The processing time will vary depending on the products used and the client’s hair condition. No matter how long it takes, be attentive to ensure the milk tea hair color blossoms to perfection without compromising the hair’s health.

Rinsing and Revitalizing

Once processed, gently rinse your client’s hair until the water runs clear, revealing the new milk tea color in all its splendor. Enhance its beauty and prevent damage by using nourishing, color-safe professional shampoo and conditioner.

Aftercare and Maintenance

@hairby_me via Instagram powered by Squarelovin
@hairby_me via Instagram powered by Squarelovin

The beauty of milk tea hair deserves to be protected. Make sure your client understands the aftercare and maintenance needed to keep their color looking incredible for as long as possible. Recommend color-safe hair care products, discourage excessive heat styling and emphasize the importance of regular touch-up appointments.


Closing Thoughts

By following the guidelines above and choosing the right colors, you can create a stunning milk tea hair color for your clients. This look is all about customization, so feel free to experiment and come up with slightly different hues to complement various styles and skin tones. Embrace your creative flair and let milk tea hair coloring become your signature service. Your clients will leave feeling confident and beautiful with their new look. Happy styling!


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