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How to Promote Christmas and Holiday Hair Appointment Availability


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With an influx of clients seeking to look their best for festive gatherings and celebrations, the holiday season is a pivotal time for salons and hairstylists. However, standing out during the holiday hustle and bustle requires more than just offering great services. It demands effective marketing strategies. This article will explore salon marketing ideas to help your business shine during this merry season and ensure your books will be filled with Christmas and winter holiday hair appointments.

Understand Client Behavior During the Holiday Season

During the holiday season, understanding when the peak booking period for holiday hair appointments begins is crucial. Clients start planning their holiday looks as early as October, so begin promoting your salon’s Christmas hair appointments well in advance. Consider extending your salon hours to accommodate the increased demand on evenings and weekends.

Understanding how clients behave during the holidays is also essential. People aren’t just seeking hair services at this time of year. They’re looking for a special, memorable experience. When they enter your salon, they want to feel the festive spirit and enjoy some holiday magic. With this in mind, here are a few ways to meet — and exceed — your client’s expectations and keep your appointment book full.

Offer Free Gifts as a Holiday Promotion

Offering free gifts is one easy way to attract clients during the holiday season. Consider giving away holiday-themed gifts or hair care products to clients who book hair appointments during this period. Freebies create excitement and appreciation while encouraging clients to choose your salon over others in your area. 

Promote the gift offer via your website, social media channels and email marketing campaigns. The appeal of receiving a little extra holiday treat can be a powerful motivator for clients to schedule appointments early, especially if you state that gifts are only available for a set time period or until you run out. 

Prioritize Salon Decor and Ambiance

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Creating a festive atmosphere in your salon can make a big difference in attracting clients during the holiday season. Decorate your salon with ornaments and festive lighting. These decorations will create a warm and inviting ambiance that clients will appreciate.

Your salon’s window display is also a powerful tool for attracting passersby. A beautifully decorated window catches the eye and entices potential clients to step inside. Use your window display to showcase your salon’s holiday spirit and let everyone who passes know you have appointments available. 

Boost Social Media Marketing Tactics

When it comes to holiday marketing, social media is your best friend. Share tutorials for DIY holiday hairstyles, post polls about favorite holiday looks or even run a contest for the best holiday hair selfie. And, of course, be sure to mention your appointment openings and any specials you’re offering. These interactive elements can generate buzz and excitement around your holiday offerings and encourage clients to book Christmas hair appointments.

Hashtags and user-generated content are also valuable assets for attracting Christmas hair appointments. Encourage your clients to use a specific holiday-related hashtag and tag your salon when sharing their new hairstyles. Featuring user-generated content on your social media pages builds trust and excitement when potential clients see how happy your current clients are. 

Plan Email Marketing Campaigns

Crafting compelling email campaigns is a powerful way to reach your existing client base and potential clients who may be interested in scheduling appointments during this hectic season. Design eye-catching emails highlighting your holiday promotions, special packages and early booking discounts for holiday hair appointments. Write creative subject lines that stand out in crowded inboxes to members of your mailing list to entice them to open your messages and secure their Christmasa and holiday hair appointments.

Suggest clearance hair products in your email promotions. Mentioning clearance products can attract cost-conscious clients looking for holiday deals and entice them to book. Offer limited-time discounts on these products as an additional incentive to get people in the door.

Consider Website Optimization

Your salon’s website is an online representation of your brand and a powerful tool for attracting clients. Ensure that it reflects the holiday spirit by incorporating festive images, showcasing promotions and providing easy access to online booking for holiday hair appointments. These features make it convenient for clients to browse your services and schedule appointments. 

Including an online booking system on your website streamlines the appointment process for clients, ensuring that booking an appointment is quick and hassle-free. The convenience of online booking is a deciding factor for many clients when choosing a salon for their holiday makeover, so make the process as simple as possible. 

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‘Tis the Season for Stunning Hair

By understanding the holiday season and leveraging your marketing knowledge, you can ensure you’ll have clients begging to schedule appointments with you. Let your salon’s magic shine this holiday season, and watch the Christmas hair appointments roll in. Happy styling!


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